Hello ladies, I'm nearly 43 and trying to conceive. We lost our five and a half year old daughter in May - she died from an asthma attack. We have a beautiful two year old son who is missing his sister so very much. Whilst another baby will NEVER EVER replace our darling Sian, we desperately want to give Dane a sibling to grow up with.
I got pregnant in late June, but miscarried on August 18th. Since then I've had 29, 25, 21 and 20 day cycles. I am following a special diet and having weekly acupuncture at Fertile Ground in Melbourne. This method helped us to conceive Dane, but I've just received my Day 2 FSH results and the level was 18.4 From my reading, this level is not a good one at all for chances of conceiving, is it??? I also had an Ovarian Reserve Test just before I got pregnant and it was <1. I'm so sad that not only have we lost Sian, but that my chances of getting pregnant again are virtually nil.