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    I 100% agree that you don't have to be thin to be beautiful, but to find beauty in a person it sometimes takes time to get to know them, to see their generous spirit, their kindness and their goodness. Unfortunately, advertising and marketing judges people superficially. Basically so much tells us people are not worth knowing if their appearance is not attractive in the traditional size 10, blond blue eyes type.

    Yet there is a fascinating series of documentaries on ABC2 at the moment about finding acceptance in society of people with facial disfigurements and what is incredible is how marketing and advertising say these people are unacceptable yet the average person on the street doesn't care two hoots what they look like. They make ads with these people featuring in them then conduct surveys and find people would buy the products being advertised. we are fed a line by the industry of what is beautiful, and it's cr@p. I had anorexia as a teenager because of this obsession with being thin, and my god I will do everything in my power to make sure none of my kids go through that.

    LMF I think the problem is on one hand you object to warnings on fast food as nannying people, but on the other you don't like obesity and want people to do more to lose weight and take control of their situation. Can you not see that these positions are somewhat contradictory?

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    Default Warning Labels On Fast Food

    Quote Originally Posted by Lovemyfam View Post
    Do I judge them no but I do judge mothers that are obese its bad I know but all I can think is that poor child is heading for so much teasing at school its not fair to the kids.
    Are my children going to be teased because I'M fat? I know my own children will not tease other children based on their own or their parents looks. Do you think it's ok for kids to tease based on looks? Does that also go for people whose looks are affected by a chromosomal abnormality? Or whose skin is different from yours? I am doing everything in my power to create empathetic and tolerant humans for the next generation, because frankly, I think there aren't enough around right now.

    It really gets up my nose, having it confirmed that people out there ARE judging my parenting because I'm fat.

    Junk food is a very small part of my kids diets. When we have morning tea at playgroup mine are the only kids not eating from packets, mine are the only kids eating tomatoes, baby cucumbers, etc. and I still sit there and worry about it.
    I can feel judgements like yours, and they negatively impact on my life. I feel like a less valid parent, even though my children will grow up with a really solid nutritional education. They understand that too many 'sometimes' foods give you a big belly and make you feel unhealthy. I am honest and tell them that I haven't done enough running about, and have eaten too many sometimes foods.

    My point is, perhaps there are fat parents who are going to make fat kids because they don't know any better. But not every fat person out there is going to, and really, none deserve your judgement. If you feel strongly about it, get involved in a 'life be in it' kind of campaign, and spread some positivity and education on the subject, because your judgements aren't welcome unless they come with a desire to help. Judgement for judgement sake helps no one.

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