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    Unhappy Employer has no obligation to give proof of working

    Hi everyone,

    My husband wanted to start a new course to advance in his career. He went to his old employer. Has he needed to get some RPL's done on his course work stating he had already worked in this for 2 years.
    So it had been six weeks and heard nothing from old employer by this time my husband had wrote to his old employer via email 3 or so times and the place he was doing the course through wasn't helping him and being quite rude about it. Saying he wouldn't get his certificate. So by week 5 my husband had enough because his new job was on the line because he hadn't got the certificate. So he sent the old employer a copy of the email stating
    from his Course provider this certificate can not get issued to me until i get your paperwork please forward it to me or my RTO as soon as possible thank you.
    But in the email was there some things that were not to be seen by the old employer with my husband being quite rude and nasty to this RTO CEO because she was being a bit of a smartie pants to my husband.
    He then sent a another email stating h
    i xxxx could please advise me if you got the paper work from my RTO. Thank you.
    The email before this was
    Hi xxx i am wondering if my RTo has sent you any paperwork regarding my course i am about to finsh as they are slack to send anything out please let me know if they have or havent so i am able to get in contact with them . Thanks
    To all these emails to the old employer were never replied to.

    So he got a email back today from his old employer stating
    i have no obligation to provide this information and confirming you worked for this company and may i suggest you go and get personal training in your communitcation skills and you may get some where in life.
    He did however provide proof as a good will so he said.

    Do you think a employer should provide proof that someone has worked for the company all he had to send through was a copy of the position description and to say that he confirms the time spent at this employer. I dont know why but i feel really bad for my husband as in he is moreless told you should have to wait and lose your job because your ex boss doesn't want to provide a job description. My husband only had until Friday to get his certificate or letter from his RTO saying that all course work has been finalised and a certificate will be issued as soon as possible otherwise he was going to lose his job as they need proof he has finished the course and he is also on trainee wages which is next to nothing until the certificate or letter is issued.

    What do you ladies think?
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    I'm doing training with RPL at my present employer. This is the second time I've attempted it as my previous supervisor was uncooperative. My present one isn't that great either but at least the trainer is better this time round. RPL is a bit more involved than just signing a few papers so it's expected that a ex-employer is uncooperative. It's not like he's getting any benefit. Whereas my employer is being paid by the government for it!

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    I'm unsure why he couldn't have just asked the Human Resource officer for a statement of service and job description.

    To be completely honest with you, your husbands emails actually come across as quite pushy and demanding. Perhaps the suggestion of some communication courses would be beneficial. Or read the book- How to win friends and influence people.

    Did he leave the last place of work on good terms? I can't see why if he was a valued employee the boss would have an issue with providing the info. And I'm not sure why he'd lose his job if he is currently doing the training...

    I'm sorry for you and your husband though, it must be very frustrating.


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