I went through the big fight of trying to get a c-section trough public.. In my case it was for a lot of reasons.
1 being I seen one ob who recommended a c-section for some medical issues, then when I see the head OB he flat out said no.
I was worried and tried to push for a c-sec.
With out going into to much detail something sexual happened to me when I was 12, against my will.
So any pain around my vagina brings back memories and puts me into a panic.
The thought of me being spread wide to birth in front of strangers was a terrifying thought for me.
I was ne'er offered counseling for this by the hospital for my birth, was just told I could do it, my medical an mental issues weren't enough to grant me a c-sec, I was young, it was my first so I was pushed around a lot.

In the end I had an emergency c-section after a long labour.
After 2 hours of pushing my dd's heart rate went down and didn't pick back up, I also had a blood clot so I wasn't awake for my c-section.
One second I was pushing, the next I was down in theater, it all happened within 5 mins.

The C-section for me was a relief as I feel I didn't have to go through what I feel would have been emotional trauma if she was birthed naturally.
But the recovery was more painful than my long labour.. I ha an epidural at 8cm and even with the epi (for me it didn't completely numb me) it was less pain than the c-sec recovery.
That was just me though.

I believe all women should have the choice on how they want to birth their baby.

For me I wish I had gotten some counseling during my pregnancy, had more second opinions regarding my health issues during pregnancy.
And I wish I was more educated.

I would recommend having some counseling to prepare you for the birth, which ever way your bub is birthed, if you want a C-sec then for what reasons?
It's major surgery that comes with risks, if your wanting it for better pain management, the thought of vaginal birthing scares you, something that happened in your past, for what ever reasons I would talk to a professional about it.

Just something to keep in mind, from my C-section (2 years ago now) I'm still numb all around the incision, it's an odd and uncomfortable feeling, I also have sharp pains that still happen from the nerves coming back.. Sometimes I need to take something for it.
But the most painful and annoying thing is the scar tissue, it stops me from exercising my stomach, after to much walking it feels extremely tender and around that time of month it can feel like its on fire.
When I was reading about risks of C-sec I didn't really think any could happen to me..
It's just something to keep in mind.

What I'm trying to say is, get educated, talk to professionals and once you have made your decision stick by it!
Make sure you truely are confident in your decision, I'm not trying to deter you from having a c-section, I'm just saying that this should be something you decide and have no regrets over.

Good luck Xx