One of my friends from work is going to join me in the evenings to do Zumba! She's seen the changes I've made and she wants in on the deal lol! She'll be easing into it with Rush tonight but from tomorrow I'll switch it back to doing the short workout in the morning so she can get a longer workout in the evenings.

My friend is about the same height as me and we used to weigh the same. She's a pretty easy-going and relaxed person but has a lot of the same self-confidence and body issues as the rest of us. I'm really, really excited that I can help her to make the same changes I'm making!

I also had two separate friends ask me about where to get Zumba today because I've been talking about how happy I am. On top of this, while my husband still has zero intentions of doing Zumba, he's also seen the changes in me and has committed to getting back into bike riding to get his fitness back. He only needs to lose about 10kgs but it's enough for him to want to go down a pants size. We looked into the Freeway Bike Hike and we're going to train towards that. It's in March and we're aiming to do the 70km ride from Mandurah to Perth!