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    Default Putting concealer on a small child... wrong or acceptable?

    Quote Originally Posted by 4underfour View Post
    I wouldn't have done it. If my child asked, I would talk about why they felt they wanted it, then explain how every child is beautiful in their own way. And clarify that makeup is just for adults.
    But I don't judge you for doing it.
    ^ This. I'd just worry about what she might like to change next. Could it spiral out of control? I don't know as I'm not at that stage yet.

    I just know that I want my DD to know that looks aren't important. Its good to be presentable but who cares if you have frekkles, dark eye circles, red hair, fair skin, dark skin, hairy legs, have to wear glasses etc etc etc.

    I don't want to encourage her to change all of the things she decides she doesn't like about herself.

    But as 4underfour sad, I don't judge you for it either as you did something that made her feel good about herself and it could very well be a once off and if that's the only thing about her appearance she 'fixes' I don't see too much harm in that.

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    Personally I wouldn't. I think it sends the wrong message to young kids, girls especially. As others have suggested I would be focusing on how we are all different and beautiful in our own way.

    In saying that you sound like a beautiful mum who has you daughters best interest at heart

    On a side note, has your daughters school been properly informed about the bullying that goes on there??.....and if they have I would be finding out what protocols they have in place to stop it.

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    Default Putting concealer on a small child... wrong or acceptable?

    If it was really bothering or upsetting them, then I probably would. Im not sure though.. a little on the fence. I don't really own much makeup myself, only recently started using bb cream, which is the closest I've come to using any sort of foundation. That and eyeliner.

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    Thanks for all replies.

    The make-up thing happened once. She hasn't requested or mentioned it again, so I'm not sure it's something she's going to see as a necessity now that I've done it once.

    In regards to food intollerances - surely there would need to be other symptoms than simply dark circles?

    In regards to the bullying at school - I believe that so far, at least for my daughter, it's just a bit of teasing. It's not something she comes home crying about, or is terribly stressed over, and she has lots of friends. If I was concerned she was being bullied, I would complain, but right now, it just sounds like regular kid teasing and taunts. I'd rather she learn to cope with that herself, because it will never stop... it continues long into adulthood. Real bullying would be addressed, teasing, IMO, does not require adult intervention.

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