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    Default Why I don't want a baby right now - Week 5, Day 6 - Blog 54

    Thanks GQ, my biggest fear is not getting pregnant again or how much more is it going to take out of me before we do. So many things go through my head so many questions. The biggest is how did we ever get to this place? Both DH and I had unexplained infertility but since we were so desperate for a bub we jumped straight into IVF. I never had a problem with my body growing up nothing ever irregular. We started trying when I was 31...now I'm 34. We thought finally someone heard our prayers and even better gave us two bubs.

    We want to start a family so much. I was so careful with what I ate before probably why I'm eating crap now to give me something to blame when there are more disappointments.

    Thanks for your reply, I really need to get my head straight and diet back in order otherwise I will blame myself. Good luck to you too, hopefully the sun shines your way soon.
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    Default Why I don't want a baby right now - Week 5, Day 6 - Blog 54

    Awwwwww hun, my heart breaks for you. I was the same, I was very angry for a long time. I did everything "right" in my pregnancy, I took vitamins every day, I didn't drink, I didn't smoke, I didn't even eat soft eggs! So it's hard not to feel like is so unfair that you can want it so bad and do everything right and still have a negative outcome.

    It also sucks that the excitement of being pregnant gets taken away from us. My Mum lost three babies at 26 weeks (a singleton and twins) before successfully giving birth to my older brother. She wasn't able to relax until after 26 weeks had passed in her pregnancies. I'm sure it'll be the same for us, unlike the first time when we got to be all naively excited but slightly nervous, we'll be terrified of a repeat performance. The fact is, though, that if we want to have babies we have to face that fear and hope for the best. I truly believe that when you do go for another round of IVF, you will have a positive outcome and getting yourself to a positive place by eating healthy and exercising will only make you more capable of handling anything that comes your way.


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