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    Default Re: What do you class as....

    I havnt heard anyone refer to their child as high needs unless they actually were.

    My son has Aspergers, but I just say he has some "extra needs", most of the time ill actually just say "Oh, he just needs a bit of help with speech and coordination stuff".

    I try very hard not to treat him differently, but sometimes it can't be avoided. He is registered with the school as a SN child but I really want them to give him the chance to get on at school like all the other kids first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChickyBee View Post
    My mistake, I meant carer to mean whoever takes care of the child including parents. Just out of curiosity why wouldn't you trust a carer?

    Because if a career stuffs up my child could die, to take DD home from hospital i had to go through massive amounts of tests to make sure i was competent to do all of her cares, i know what she needs when she needs it, if her feeds leaked and they didnt realise she can hypo dangerously she chokes and needs suction she stops breathing etc etc, She is MUCh better now and she goes to school with a career but that is only now that she is well and relitively stable from one day to the next.


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