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    Default Baby choking in sleep?

    I woke up this morning to the sound of my 7wk old gasping and spluttering. She was asleep next to me on the bed, and I'm not sure if she was flat on her back or on her side. (She spends the first part of the night in a bassinet in my room, then the rest of the night either next to me or up on my chest.) I picked her up, popped her over my shoulder, then fed her and she was fine.

    I know she must have reflux, because she spits up a lot and just has that real gurgly sound, and hates going flat on her back. I'd just assumed it was mild, and was combined with a milder form of colic than we dealt with both brothers, and I'd been managing it fairly well. Now I'm wondering if actually I should be doing something differently.

    Should I a) be concerned enough to take her to the doctor b) be concerned enough that I should look into getting some sort of wedge thing for in her bed?

    I'm not too worried about her, just worried that maybe I should be more worried than I am, if that makes any sense!

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    Default Baby choking in sleep?

    That sounds scary!

    Personally I would get her checked out but if your mummy intuition is saying she's ok then you are most likely correct.

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    Default Baby choking in sleep?

    Have you tried putting the bassinet /cot on an incline? I find that new babies are very mucousy and the incline helps them breathe. I've only just had the cot flat for my 5mth old.

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    Default Baby choking in sleep?

    I'm not sure if it is similar but thought I would share with you our daughters story as we found her many many times not breathing and chocking. One afternoon I noticed her cradle moving all most jolting but she was not making a sound so I went over to her and found her joking and trying to cry but no sound was coming out, I picked her straight up and she still would not breath so I turned her over face down and out ran clear liquid and she started to breath again, this happened the next day except I Heard her making a gurgling noise and she was again not breathing, this time I turned her straight over and out drained the fluid out and we went straight over to our doctor who called an ambulance and had us taken straight up to emergency, we were seen by the pead straight away and she was put in overnight for monitoring and we were told it was reflux and that they could only help with the pain but could do nothing to stop it from coming up. The problem though was not pain as it was that she was chocking when it did come back up.
    We tried raising one end of cradle ect but nothing worked and I was so worried it would happen one night while we were asleep and that we would loose her. Some days she would have these chocking episodes up to 3 times a day so We ordered a breathing monitor that went under her mattress for piece of mind but it didn't ease my fear of loosing my daughter.
    I was so desperate and someone told me to take her to a chiropractor as they can help with reflux by gentle rubbing of the muscles so I tried it twice weekly and after each visit I noticed we were going 2 days with out an episode and then they got less and less frequent until after 4 weeks they were completely gone. I would have to say that it was the scariest time in our lives and I'm so grateful for what he did for my daughter.
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