Dr Roslyn Galligan and Elizabeth Ford (student researcher) are conducting research approved by Swinburne University's Human Research comittee on the experience of motherhood.
Being a mother can be an exciting and life changing experience. There is asense of joy and fulfilment caring for and raising your child but there is alsoa lot of stress. Motherhood is a life changing role which can be quite stressful.Research has shown that mothers are vulnerable to developing depression andanxiety, especially in the early years of a child’s life. A mother’s personalitycharacteristics and personal resources are factors which may influence thedevelopment of mental health problems and impact on life satisfaction.
We are interested in learning how youmanage the stress of being a mother and understanding which factors contributeto or detract from wellbeing and life satisfaction as a mother.
If you are amother with an infant or pre-school age child (you may have older children aswell) we would like to invite you to participate in our research. If you have afriend or family member who may be interested please feel free to pass on thesedetails.
To participate,simply visit the web address http://opinio.online.swin.edu.au/s?s=13324 and complete the online questionnairewhich takes about 20-30minutes. Your participation is very much appreciated,thank you.