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    Quote Originally Posted by Mumsical View Post
    I think that for most people - especially young people and families, PHI is a total waste of money. My husband is a Doctor - so we also know something about the system and the level of care provided by many hospitals.

    You will need to be a member of a health fund for 12 months prior to even falling pregnant. If having a private room, OB etc for your birth is vital for you, you will need a high level of cover with hospital cover. For a couple without kids, you can expect to pay at least $150 per fortnight. On average the total out of pocket expenses if you decide to go private ON TOP of your premium is about $5000.

    Most people by the time they give birth would have paid at least 2yrs worth of PHI premiums (about $14,000) add this to your $5000 out of pocket expense and it will cost you almost $20,000 to have your baby. I am unable to fathom why so many families who struggle financially still feel that it is necessary to have PHI and fork out huge premiums when they absolutely do not need it. The bottom line is - health care in Australia is free, if you need the care - you will receive it.

    Private doctors are no different to public doctors - they haven't had any extra training or earned some special badge. Its completely their decision and they do it for the money.

    If you go public you will only see an OB for 1 appointment at about 16 weeks. If you are considered "low risk" you will have the choice to see your regular GP for your appointments or see a regular midwife.

    I chose a midwife and she was absolutely wonderful. I had my baby in the public hospital where my husband works and the care was great. I did share a room with 2 other mums, but I still had plenty of privacy and frankly I was so wrapped up in my own baby I barely noticed them most of the time. They were lovely too and I had someone to talk to if I wished.

    If you don't have PHI and its important to you to have a private room and the better meals that a private hospital offer - you can actually just pay to have your baby there. Most cost about $4000 - $5000 if you having a vaginal birth. I can think of better things to spend the money on over 2-3 nights in hospital though lol
    A few things.

    Firstly, waiting timed as mentioned by a few pp's. Here's some examples. Througg the public sysyem, my appointment to see a neurologist was 13 months, to see an alleegist was 15 monthe and to have an emergency appointment with a bowel surgeon was 6 months. My friends dh melanima surgery was constantly delayed for 6 months. My husbands cancer surgery had a waiting list of 3 weeks to see the surgeon and a waiting list of 3-4 months for the surgery (this was for a very aggresdi e cancer as it turns out). We went private for this, saw the surgeon that day, biopsy organised for that afternoon, results the next day, surgery a week later. If he went through the public system, his cancer would have progressed from a grade 2a to a 3+ in that time, taking his survival chances frim 80-30%. So not a total waste of money at all and dh was previously fit and healthy and young, not using a singly day of sick leave for three years before cancer.

    Secondly, I don't think its a good idea to use a private hospital if you don't have insurance. If your birth is straight forward, yes it can cost as little as 4-5000$, but if you have an emergency caeserian, baby is sick, needs the special care nursery, even with a transfer, you may find yourself needing to sell the house, car, whatever to pay these bills. Not a good idea at all.

    Oh and just to let you all know. Ambulance cover through most phi, does not cover non emergency (like non emergency patient transport). If you want to take out ambulance cover, there is a three month waiting period on non emergency and pre- existing conditions (although this does not apply to some states).

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    Default Private health insurance... is it worth it? Who with?

    Worth every cent for us! We have Basic Hospital Cover now we have two boys. Its covered 4 grommet surgeries which included two sets of tonsils and adenoid removals. Only out of pocket was around $500 for all combined.

    Ours is around $110 a mnth

    I have had gall bladder removal surgery and also a hysterectomy. These two surgeries combined would have cost us 20k without PHI, outnof pocket was $1800. If I waited for an initial appointment 3 yrs ago regarding my severe bleeding post baby no. 2 I would still be waiting and very very ill
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    I have PHI with HCF. Covers all 4 of us for $240/month and both DH and I have 4 years LHC loading for time we've been living out of Australia. I think the public health system is excellent but overstretched. I had DS1 in RBWH and the care was excellent. Two of my friends had their babies in private hospitals and only got a private room the night before they went home. One friend was an emergency transfer to RBWH since the private hospital didn't have the facilities for her complications.

    If your local hospital is good for birth then I would definitely consider that route, however don't let this sway your decision totally on PHI as many people have said there are many good reasons to have it, like all insurance you hope you wont need it but you will be grateful if you do

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    Default Private health insurance... is it worth it? Who with?

    [QUOTE=Mumsical;6928708]I think that for most people - especially young people and families, PHI is a total waste of money. My husband is a Doctor - so we also know something about the system and the level of care provided by many hospitals.

    You will need to be a member of a health fund for 12 months prior to even falling pregnant[\QUOTE]

    Your experience with the public system maybe different as your husband is a doctor ( old saying its not what you know but who) my sister had a knee operation after a skiing accident right away as my aunty worked in the hospital and knew the doctors. My sister friend who had a bad knee prior was still waiting 6 months after.

    Secondly it's only 12months cover prior to birth related expenses so you can be pregnant during the waiting period not have to wait 12 months then get pregnant.
    Our provider recommended to take it out a month or two prior to planned delivery date just incase bub comes early. We took out cover in April to try and start our family later in the year. I'll be 21 weeks when our waiting period is up.
    My costs (not inc bub fees)will be minimal:
    My OB is good and cheap $1500 before Medicare, and bulk bills visits.
    Hospital = free ( I get one free admission per year, then it's only an excess of $500)
    As for premiums paid, as we have good extras cover we have made up for the cost of the premiums with the rebates back. We would go to the dentist anyway, get a massage anyway etc we just get to claim it back on phi.

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    Default Private health insurance... is it worth it? Who with?

    PHI is worth it for us only because we would get hit with costs at tax time otherwise, and we use extras like dental, physio and remedial massage.

    We have full cover but I still opted to go public for my first birth as I didn't want an OB and didn't want to be thousands out of pocket for no reason.


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