Have you tried the ‘Feel it’ setting yet – where you turn of the verbal cues and just listen to the music? – what did you think?

I use the 'Feel it' setting whenever i do the 'Mix' workout. It took me a little while to pick up some of the moves but for the most part i found it fairly easy. I think having a basic idea of most of the steps from doing the other DVDs and also the classes i used to go to means that when i see a move i can fairly quickly recognise and replicate it.
As for the other DVDs i dont actually mind hearing the instructors. I find that having them chatter away to each other (and to me) makes me smile and if i am just abandoning myself into a move (i have been known to close my eyes, lol) hearing a verbal queue to change steps keeps me on track with the workout.

What do you think of the Zumba Toning Sticks and the workouts using the sticks on the ‘Ripped’ DVD?

I love the way they feel in my hands. I work up quite a sweat when i do my workouts and the soft, non-slip handles are great. I havent once felt like i was about to drop them... or accidentally throw them at the TV!
I like the noise that they make, the feeling of maracas rather than boring old hand-weights is fun and i can hear if i am moving in time with the music.
I was initially surprised at how light they are and i considered upgrading to the heavier ones but after chatting with my Zumba-instructor friend i decided to stick with the included sticks for use with Zumba and use my heavier dumbbells if i feel i need to "pump some iron".

Do you find the Rush DVD good for a quick 20min workout?

I LOVE rush. With my crazy schedule it is a great workout that i can do while my son has his day-sleep. I can do my workout, shower, make & eat lunch and pack my dinner bag for work all in under 1.5hours. On days when i dont have to Rush off to work (pun intended ) i choose a longer workout because if he wakes up before i have had a chance to shower or eat then so be it. I can do those things while he is awake, they just take longer that way. I have taken to incorporating the Toning Sticks into my Rush workouts for a bit of extra calorie-burning and toning, given the shorter workout.