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    Default cubby house

    ive been thinking i want to get DS a cubby house. i was thinking of one of those little plastic $100 odd ones from bunnings or somewhere.

    HOWEVER, i had a look on gumtree and saw an add for some a high school building class was selling. the add said $950 cubby houseX3. i read the add to be $950 for 3 cubbies, so one would be $300 odd. after enquiring i found out they are $950 EACH. this is way too much for us to spend on a cubby house but i really love these cubby houses.

    so ive been looking online and cant find any cubby houses under $900 odd. DH isnt in a position to build one (unless DS is willing to wait until he is 25 for it!!)

    so i guess my point of this after a longwinded story is, does anyone know of where i could find a wooden (pref) cubby house for only a few hundred dollars??? or is this totally unrealistic?

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    we bought a wooden cubby house from ebay, think it cost us about $450. Was supposed to be easy to put together, yeah right. It took DH and his Dad 10 hours to do it, and when was completed it was TINY. The advert said the cubby was 1.8m x 1.5m but in actual fact it was about 1m x 1.2m. DD was 3 at the time and she walked in and said "wow its small. my friend has one and it is huge". Soooooo disappointed. Anyway, I emailed the company complaining and they offered us a full refund or a replacement. We took the full refund and used that money to pay a handyman to extend it for us. He thought it was hilarious that he was extending a cubby house. Worst thing....my kids hardly ever play in the damn thing. I'm thinking of decking it out for me and using it as my hiding place when it all gets too much.

    I'll have a look and let you know if they are still on ebay...and warn you against buying that particular one.

    ETA: The cubby we bought is no longer available on ebay.
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    Default Re: cubby house

    I have also been looking for one and cant believe the cost, then looked at building one but timber is really expensive. I think the novelty would wear off too fast to justify, instead we will just continue to build cubbys out of sheets etc

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