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    Default Week 5 Official Zumba Questions - Blog 50

    Have you tried the ‘Feel it’ setting yet – where you turn of the verbal cues and just listen to the music? – what did you think?

    Inspired by this question, I did Rush on "Feel It" mode last night. I haven't come up with a verdict yet. In some ways it was weird because I kept expecting the instructors to talk and in other ways it was good because I did get lost in the music and just going with the flow. I was also pleased that I only missed one step, all of the other changes I was prepared for and kept up with them!

    What do you think of the Zumba Toning Sticks and the workouts using the sticks on the ‘Ripped’ DVD?

    Honestly? The ones that came with the set were a bit light in my opinion. It only took one session with them before I was on the Zumba shop buying the heavier sticks and I don't regret that one bit! Sometimes I feel like even they're too light but I still struggle through the Ripped workout with them a bit so they're still suitable until I get stronger. I also like that the sound of the toning sticks tells me if I'm in time with the music or not.

    Do you find the Rush DVD good for a quick 20min workout?

    I love, love, love Rush! It's a fantastic 20 minute workout which is great if you're either short on time or just need a quick Zumba boost. It's too hot in the afternoons already for me to feel like doing the full 60 minute workout so I do Rush and it's a great way to end my day.
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