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    Default Day 32 - Light bulb moment

    I have been having a great experience doing Zumba, and it is really getting me into the mindset that I can do and I can make time for regular exercise which is precisely what I need. But, while I am doing Zumba, my dd is doing passive activities like watching the tv or playing with her dolls house etc. These activities are fine, but I have to get her out running and jumping more than I have been so it might be time to give her trike another go so she can ride and I can walk and we can hit the local park etc. We do play in the yard but it often gets cut short by me having to head back in to do something (cook a meal, clean up something, etc). I think that some more outdoor time will be a great way to compliment my Zumba workout while actually including DD in our new, more active lifestyle rather than setting her to the side while *I* get active. I hope she will be more cooperative on the trike than she has been in the past and keep her feet on the pedals rather than dragging on the concrete. But until I get get her to tango with me, we best mix it up a bit.

    This should have been so obvious

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    Default Day 32 - Light bulb moment

    Great idea!


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