Hi ladies,
this is my first post so forgive me if its in the wrong place....I am hoping someone can advise me on a few things. I live in the UK with my husband, 6 yr old daughter and 3 yr old son.....but not for long! We are all set to emigrate on 16th December. The 'problem' is we have just discovered I am around 5 weeks pregnant!!

by the time we leave I will be about 8 weeks and I want to arrange bloods and scan for 12 weeks. The thing is we are not in one place once we arrive....1 week in Brisbane, 2 weeks on Sunshine Coast, 2 weeks in Adelaide, a week in Melbourne then back to Brisbane!!, So I am a bit confused as to where and who I should contact to arrange this.

At the 11-12 week mark I will be in Adelaide, can I just make an appt a few days before with a dr there and take it from there? Does anyone know any good drs, we will be staying in the Henley beach area.

Any advice at all would be really appreciated as I know how things work over here in England but no idea about it all over there!!

thanks in advance.
Liz x