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    Default Frequently feeding, but only small amounts

    Hi. My baby is 9 weeks old on Friday. Due to problems he has been on formula since he was 2 weeks old. AT first he was fine and would have a decent amount every 3 to 4 hours. But at 5 weeks he started feeding more frequently, but still having decent amounts. We had been told this might happen at 6 weeks when he had his growth spurt and thought he would go back to normal after a week or 2. But he seems to have gotten worse. He is ok at night, and will sleep for 4 to 6 hours at around 8pm, then go for 2 to 3 hours before waking again, but after about 6am, he starts wanting feed basically every hour and he only takes small amounts each time. We try to encourage him to have a bigger feed each time but he wont. We burp him and try and again and he still isnt interested.
    He also doesn’t sleep much at all during the day. I don’t know if this can be connected at all.
    But has anyone had any similar problems or have any advice on how I can get my son to eat less frequently but bigger amounts each time? We try putting him off as long as possible each time but he starts screaming for food .
    Any help or advice would be greatly appreciate. Thankyou in advance to for any help!!

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    Default Frequently feeding, but only small amounts

    Have you tried offering a dummy for him to suck on? We did this and worked quite well to settle him in between feeds, 9 weeks is still so young there tummies are so small and there is also another growth spurt around this time which he may be going through. When you say he's having smaller feeds what sort of amount is he having?

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    Default Frequently feeding, but only small amounts

    Are you on a HA formula? My lasted longer when it wasn't HA, she digested it too easily.

    That being said, I still was feeding her small amounts frequently. I used to try and force more into her but it never made a difference, she was always hungry again in 2 hours.

    My advice is feed when they want it. How would you like it if you were starving for dinner and people made you wait? You'd be grumpy too .

    After about 5 months she settled down.

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    My DD was doing this too, it was wasting heaps of formula and she was really unsettled I started to delay her a bit to make it at least 2 hourly (3 if possible) using dummies, walks, baths and tummy time. I also made the bottles smaller when she was wanting to feed more frequently because she would drink 30 or 40 mls and then refuse more (all that being said when she was really hungry and unsettled I'd give her a small top up bottle ).
    It worked really well, now she drinks her entire 120 ml bottle and has the occasional 175 ml (she is supposed to be on 175ml for every feed, but she has more feeds at the lower volume. So she is getting the same amount of formula a day, but its easier on her small tummy).


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