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    Default Chronic Fatigue.

    I think I may be suffering from Chronic Fatigue. I know I shouldn't self diagnose but I seem to fit the typical profile.

    I am hesitant to see a doctor, I dont want to be told I am just tired because I am overweight and have 4 children, wich seems to be the explanation I get when talking to my family. But I know this is more than that.

    So if anyone has this syndrome or any experience with it, if you're comfortable sharing I would love to hear about your experience. I would also like to hear about how you were diagnosed, if you had any trouble with finding a doctor to diagnose and treat you. Also what the treatment was.


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    Default Chronic Fatigue.

    I honestly don't mean to offend but why do you mean when you say it's more than that?

    Have you noticed a decline recently?

    I'm sure you already know but weight is a major factor in exhaustion, not to mention four kids. Anyone who could help you with CFS will tell you to eat healthier, exercise and lose weight, especially as there is no medicinal "cure" for CFS.

    I say that as someone who has a family member with diagnosed CFS, which fortunately is under control now.

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    I have it. I was diagnosed by a specialist.

    Mine stemmed from having glandular fever a few years ago. It's like a side effect or a left over from the illness that will not go away.

    I get what feels like sudden "waves" going through my body, starting from head to toe, and in that split second that it happens, I feel dropping to the ground to go to sleep.
    I wake up tired. It feels like I haven't rested at all.
    I can't drive long distances for fear of having an accident due to a micro sleep or something like that.

    I only have one child, so he's not my excuse for CFS. My lifestyle is pretty smooth, I eat healthy, take supplements, I feed my family healthy too, I drink lots of water, I exercise, but yet I am exhausted every day.

    The Dr told me that I am not allowed to have nanna naps during the day anymore, instead I am to sit down for 5 to 10 minutes and push through the tiredness. Nanna naps will disturb your night sleep.
    If at a computer all day, get up and walk around for 5 minutes every hour to rest your eyes, get as much sun light as possible.

    There is no medication to fix it.

    Still see the Dr to get referred, but they will just tell you to change your lifestyle, give you neck and shoulder exercises, and don't nanna nap


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