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    Smile Implanon out 7 days ago. Early pregnancy symptoms already?


    Am new to this site so hi!

    I had my Implanon out 7 days ago and as hubby and I are eager to TTC we got straight into it that day! After 1 day felt niggling cramps and then a few days later very light spotting. Thought I might be ovulating but 7 days later the cramps are a little worse and I have a back ache (not mega painful, just a bit annoying).

    I have two children already and got pregnant very quickly with them (ie first month of TTC after coming off pill) but I was much younger then - 33 with last pregnancy, am now 40.

    Has anyone had a similar experience? Just wondering whether these cramps/light spotting could be a symptom of just getting the Implanon out, ovulation, PMS or very early pregnancy symptoms?! Obviously I can do a pregnancy test at some time but think it's a bit early atm. Am impatient!!

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    Default Implanon out 7 days ago. Early pregnancy symptoms already?

    Wouldn't have that meant you ovulated straight away to get any kind of chance now? Maybe it's af

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    I had the implanon out in April, I was told by the Doc that it can take a few month for your cycle to work it self out, but you are able to get pregnant very soon after, as once it is removed you go back to your normal fertility with in a few days.

    Good Luck, If your not sure of your cycle (due to the implanon taking away my AF for 3 years straight, I had no idea of my cycle), guesstimate a regular cycle (30-34-ish days for me) count back around 14 days, (30-14 = day 16) that approx the time you will O

    Ihis is a very rough estimate though I would dtd every 2-3 days from asap to around day 20ish just in case.

    I really hope you have the BFP asap!

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