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    Default *VENT* Over being pressured to go into labour!

    I'm really getting sick of feeling pressured to go into labour, I can't make it happen and I'm only 39+2 anyway so not overdue!

    DF's Nan passed away from terminal cancer and he didn't go to say goodbye last week because it's 7 hours away and he didn't want to leave incase he missed it.
    The funeral is tomorrow and he's not going, again because he's worried about missing the birth.
    But I've been getting phone calls asking if I'm in labour yet and to make sure I let people know when I am (immediate family so of course I would!) and that they need to know if DF is going. He's already said no and that's his decision but I'm sick of people being disappointed, this is including DF.

    I can't go down with him because I have my OB appointment tomorrow and I can't just pick and choose appointments and I don't want to risk going into labour elsewhere, not getting my VBAC and being stuck away from home and having to then sit in a car for 7 hours after having a c-section.
    That probably sounds selfish but I'm not doing it, I spent 11 weeks 4 hours from home when I had the girls and I only want my OB at my hospital.

    Ahh anyway vent over but jeez people she'll come when she's ready and believe me I want her to the most!

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    Default *VENT* Over being pressured to go into labour!

    As if you need to be hassled at this point! I'm sorry for your DFs loss, and that of his family, though. Hope all goes well for the rest of your pregnancy

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    I had a similar thing happen, not to the same extent but the daily calls. FIL booked a holiday away for 17/11 when my due date was 13/11. We were getting daily phone calls to see if any happening. It was pretty annoying really because it is nothing I have control over, believe me. She'd be out and having cuddles right now if I had my way. To add to the frustration, FIL holiday dates could be changed at any time.

    Sadly, my husbands grandmother had a stroke and FIL had to turn around and come home. She is in hospital but not doing so well. My husband hasn't been spending a lot of time there as I am over due date and prefers to be with me at the moment. Not sure if he is getting bombarded with guilt trips from FIL for this but I imagine so.

    No way I would want to be traveling at this time. Hope all goes well and you deliver happily and healthily.


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