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    Default Day 29 - Now that's how you Exhilarate

    I just did Exhilarate, nothing new there, but I think I did it to another level tonight.....and I like it. I think that as I have become more familiar with the various workout, I and able to do them better. So having got a much better hold on what all of the moves are, I have noticed that the last few times I have been engaging my core more consistently throughout the workout. The knock on effect of this is that I am more aware of my abs having worked when I am moving about, so I engage them more, and so on and so forth. I am hopeful that in the second half of the challenge this might start to pay dividends .

    In previous weeks, I just couldn't keep up with steps in the Caipahrina (sp?) and the track before it. Not because I couldn't move fast enough, although on reflection that may have had something to do with it, but because I just could never keep track of the rapid changes that they make but I am fiiinnnalllllly managing to keep up with them .

    Another person who is making progress is my 3 year old. She barely tried to kill me at all tonight and the most intrusive thing she did was put a plastic spade (like you use at the beach) between my legs while I was doing the sets of six arms over head/six shoulders with your legs apart in the rumba track I think it is. I'd say it's fair to say we've come a long way, baby!

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    Default Day 29 - Now that's how you Exhilarate

    Hahahaha, that's awesome news that your DD has stopped trying to kill you!

    It's great that you're finding you're getting a better Exhilarate workout, too! Caipirinha is one of my favourite tracks, I was so stoked when I was finally able to keep up with it lol!


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