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    Default To Express or not?

    Quote Originally Posted by Donnab739 View Post
    I don't feel like I need to but everyone talks about expressing and the books too so I was wondering if there was something I was missing by not thinking I needed to.
    Unless those books were written by qualified medical professionals that were recommended by another medical professional? Otherwise bin them and enjoy your bub. My dd2 is 5 mths old and I'm desperate for my next newborn feeds.

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    As others have stated, you don't need to express unless you have a reason to.

    I have never expressed for any of my babies as I have had no need to have EBM in a bottle as I demand feed and fortunately have never had any supply issues. If I need to go out, I have to take my baby with me, it is part and parcel of demand feeding (for me), so no need for me to express.

    Don't worry about routines, you and bub will get in your own groove in your own time, no need to be regimented and following something that is not natural (unless of course that is your desire).

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    Default To Express or not?

    My DD is 6 months and the only time I express us when I wake up uncomfortably full as she has only started sleeping through consistently. I did in the beginning as DH used to give DD a bottle of expressed milk to give me a break but she doesn't take bottles anymore

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    I started expressing and freezing very small amounts almost as soon as my milk came in as my breasts were so engorged. Following that, I was hand-expressing about 30ml before every feed, as the combination of engorgement and over-active letdown meant that my daughter was coughing, spluttering etc.

    We started feeding her expressed milk at just under 2 weeks - I didn't want to start that early, but we were having all sorts of problems and I was getting far too stressed without a break.

    We've since had 3 days where she was exclusively bottle-fed due to extreme pain (thrush + nipple damage combined), but I breastfeed her as much as possible. At the moment, she's fed expressed milk maybe once every 2 days - usually because she's being really fussy and won't breastfeed despite being hungry. I think once it's been so that I can get more sleep, and once because I had an appointment I couldn't take her to.

    Personally, I wouldn't bother expressing if I had no particular need/desire to. Certainly not a necessity.


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