I know this is an old thread, so I'm sorry if I'm not supposed to be opening it up again. I just thought it might be helpful to others if I contributed my story about fibroids during pregnancy. Just in case anybody else was looking for stories & couldn't find much out there.

In 2012 I gave birth naturally & with no complications to a baby girl. During this pregnancy they discovered I had at least 2 large fibroids - one close to the cervix @ approx 12cm & the other fundal on top of the uterus @ approx 8cm. Both were subserosal (in the muscle outside the uterus). They had never caused me any problems whatsoever & my menstrual cycle was normal. I was told that I would likely have to have a csection because of the one being close to the cervix it may not allow me to dilate properly. Anyway, long story short stubborn old me refused to book into a csection & the Dr agreed to at least let me try for labor. At 39 weeks I spontaneously went into labor & all went well without any hemorrhage or complications. So to those out there in the same situation being told they must have a csection - I am proof that a normal labour is definitely possible!

I'm now currently 20wks pregnant & again with the same large fibroid near my cervix. This time it's approx 15cm! So far they have told me all should be good to try for a normal labour again, but seeing as though it's a little bigger than last time I am concerned. If anyone is interested, I will post an update on how it all goes.