Hi Russell

My name is Badhon, I'm an Australian citizen and currently I'm staying in overseas from last 1year, I used to work permantly and live Australia permantly but suddenly my parents becomevery sick that's why I came temporary for help them amd I met with my wife in here we we got married and currently we are waiting for our new born baby to be born within 10-14 days, currently I'm unemployed and i will return to Australia within next 3 monthsafter baby born, and I will start work and I will try to bring my child and wife in Australia as soon as possible.

Next few months my wife and baby will stay in overseas while I work and save money to bring them in Australia because my wife is not and Australian citizen thats why it is difficult for us to go back to Australia together
And also it is not possibl for me to look after the newborn baby while I work fulltime thats why we have to wait till my spouse get her visa to arrive in Australia , it might take 2/3 months minimum

In this case I would like to know which payment am I eligible for? Our baby will be an Australian citizen by Descent and will come to Australia and live here permantly, please kindly let me know the informtaion where should I contact regarding this and also what type of payment I will receive for support of my family?