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    Default placenta previa grade 4 (5 bleeds and only 24wks)

    hi, first time here just wanted to hear from other ladies with same problem...im 36yrs this will be my 3rd chid...had my first bleed at 7wks which docs were preparing me for a curette because of the amount of blood I lost and the sz of the clot that came out, they were in shock to say the least when they did an ultra sound to see bubs was still there, sent me home same day.12wks another bleed only about 10mls,stayed in hospital for a night then sent home, bleed at 19wks scan showed placenta previa, hospital for a night then sent home, bleed at 21 wks. about 50 mls, flown to hospital where I spent 1 wk. Was told I could not return home to my kids or my partner whom live 3 hrs away and I could only leave the hospital if I was going to live close by to the hospital, ive had 2 bleeds since being out 1 was 6 days after being released the other was 2 days after that both times about 20ml...I have not told my doc about the last 2 bleeds as I know they will admit me till my baby is born,all I did while I was in there last time was cry all the time which cant be gd for bubs,if I stay in bed it stops on its own,bubs is moving all the time and I have my own Doppler so I know she is fine,have to have app with doc every Thursday,i didn't tell doc last time I seen him should I tell him when I see him next,its hard enough seeing my kids and partner once every 2 wks where im staying,its gonna be 10 times harder in hospital...sorry post is so long

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    Default placenta previa grade 4 (5 bleeds and only 24wks)

    I have pp grade 3, fortunately I haven't had a bleed I'm 24 weeks. Please tell your OB, I'm sure you know how serious pp is. I was told with pp you can hemorrhage in minutes, and i should call an ambulance right away. Also with pp the further along you get the worse the bleeding can be. Good luck and please tell your OB


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