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    Default 2 year old in pain when peeing

    My almost 2.5 year old DD has been toilet trained for about a month, she never has accidents at home and loves using her potty a zillion times a day.
    Yesterday she was playing on a little bike toy she has and fell off it.
    When I asked her what hurt she grabbed her crotch and said ow and cried a lot. She had forgotten about it after a few mins but next time she tried to pee on the potty only a drop came out before she screamed ow ow hot. This was midday yesterday and she refused to pee the rest of the day but had an accident in the bath and screamed again.
    She wet her night nappy a little bit but was also screaming lots through the night which I think was when she was peeing. She keeps telling me 'ow potty' and dancing around like she needs to go but won't.
    She doesn't have any visible bruising or cuts down there but won't let me look closely. If I take her to a Dr I don't think they will be able to look either as she screams and squirms at the slightest touch down there, even using a soft wipe there this morning made her scream.
    Is there anything I can do to help her? I thought maybe a cool bath might be soothing? The poor thing seems to be terrified to pee

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    I really would take her to the doctor. He might at least have dealt with this before without having to see there and have ways to help her.

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    my DD fell in a triangle block when she was 2 and toilettraining. there was a bit of blood do I took her to the dr and she was given the all clear, but she refused to go to the toilet thereafter for hours and cried every time she wanted to go to the toilet. We eventually took her to ED and they gave us some soothing anestitic gel that we put on her vulva to numb the area so she cold wee. She had that re-applied for the next couple fo days while she got used to peeing again and the pain went away.

    I would go to the dr.

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    I would take her to see the doctor she could have urine infection, pain while peeing, wanting to pee all the time but not much comes out.


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