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    Default Re: Step son touching my daughter :(

    Quote Originally Posted by VicPark View Post
    All kids were playing? He has 3 and you have 1? I hope your dp wasn't trying to lay blame on your 3 year old daughter...

    Actual touching of the privates, if it did occur is inappropriate. I'd still be asking a professional to chat with your ss to get the truth. Where did they learn the game? Sorry perhaps I'm a pessimist but I wouldn't dismiss (yet) that this 'game' came from a dark place.

    How is your daughter go at the doctors ?
    I agree the game probably came from a dark place. But I'm thinking the other kids who showed op's ss may have experienced darkness. IyKWIM. Either way I would be letting the school know and who these kids are. Teachers are mandatory reporters.

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    I think it might be a good idea that all children are reminded about appropriate and inappropriate touching, even in game-form, etc.

    I know that when I was quite a small child, I played some games that would look pretty damn creepy if an adult had caught us. I never actually touched another kid or had another touch me... but my dolls were always getting up to crazy sexual crap. Just stuff other kids had said at school, or something I'd somehow seen accidentally on TV or whatever. Kids can absorb so much more than we know... I remember DD being 3 and saying something about sex. When I asked her if she knew what that meant, she said, "taking off your clothes and dancing for boys." WTF?! SHe didn't go to daycare, she only watched kids shows... so I have no idea where on earth she got that from... but she did, somehow.

    I wouldn't be freaking out that one of the boys is behaving in a sinister way just yet, but definitely organise counselling for all the children and make sure to remind all of them about bodily privacy and such. It's a good conversation to have regularly anyway, even if this hadn't happened.

    I'm really really sorry you're going through this.

    I hope counselling helps you find some answers and truths.

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    Personally if i was you i'd be calling DoCS about it, The boy sounds like he has either seen it or been a victim of it himself.

    I know if i ever found out my DD's step brother had done that to her i'd go absolutely nuts, The first thing i'd be doing is calling DoCS and then taking her to a doctor to discuss it with them and quite possibly to the police. Mainly, because a child doing that to another child is a sign of sexual abuse in the child doing the touching.

    Also, i'd be getting my partner to sit down with the boy (and me) and talking to him in a way that was serious but also safe for him to talk and ask him why he did it.

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    I don't understand why at 6 and 8 they haven't been told by their father about not touching anyone elses body parts....

    My sons are 7, 5, 4 and I know that the 7 yr olds are absolutely aware that they don't touch other peoples bodies. The 4yr old I'd understand, and even the 5yr old to an extent if the older child who instigated the 'game' was someone they looked up to... but my 7yr olds absolutely know better than that.

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    Default Step son touching my daughter :(

    I read all the posts and I think it's weird that in the beginning one brother was involved. Then dad asked both brothers what was going on which they replied nothing had happened and now all 4 kids are involved. In my opinion I wouldnt be dropping this situation at all because why didn't your daughter mention the other kids when she could tell you when where and how. Why have the boys story consistantly changed? Even if they were playing a game they knew it was wrong because they hid it when dad asked......


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