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    Oh good, so he dropped the girls just now. 3 hours early, good thing I am at home as I had no idea. "Guess what mum, we stayed up till the morning each night!"

    He used dd2 mobile to call his girlfriend because he didn't have any credit! Omg I'm just to cranky to type

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    I don't know how your kids feel about seeing their biological father but from my experiences with my kids, no matter how bad they are, the kids still want to see see their father BUT they only want to see him in an environment that they feel safe in. So I put it to the ex that he could see them in my home (yeah, eww but for the kids sake's I'd tolerate him in my home) or we could meet at the park. The kids specified that they wanted me to be present so those were places I thought could work out for short-ish periods of time.

    The ex said no so it didn't end up happening.

    I grew up in a single parent family and I know what it is to love and be afraid of the non-present parent so I kind of get that kids need to know both halves of themselves. If your kids do want to see their father, can they input on what it would take to make them feel safe in his care?

    Good luck. Sucky situation and the easiest way out would be cutting contact but if your kids need to see him that wouldn't be the right choice. If they don't want to see him, easy! And try not to be too disheartened at your ex's lack of interest.

    EDIT: Just read your above post. What a horse's @ss. Wow. Double wow.
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