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    Default Week 4 Questions- Half way point!!!

    I can't believe we're halfway ALREADY?!?! It's amazing! So here without further ado, is this week's questions and answers.

    Welcome to the halfway point! - Are you noticing any changes in your body? – toning up, change in body shape, loss of weight?

    *I've* noticed my face has more definition- my cheek bones are more defined, and the 2nd chin is shrinking. I have read that after 4 weeks you can see changes, after 8 weeks friends and family see changes and after 12 weeks everyone else starts to see changes- so hopefully in another 4 weeks time it will be much more noticeable!
    I also note I haven't been going as hard at it as the other Zumba ladies, due in part to a busy schedule with work and caring for my family but also in part because I'm still trying to beat the lazy beast inside of me. I really want to put in more effort in this second half!

    Have you noticed positive changes in your mood and/or energy levels?

    I always, always feel so much better after a Zumba session. I feel like I can conquer the world! (Napoleon wasn't a Zumba fan was he?! ) And that feeling sticks with me until I go to sleep at night. I also feel a great sense of pride- at the start of the 4 weeks I couldn't even finish a Rush session- and just yesterday I did all of Activate without stopping (which was one of my goals by the end of the first four weeks!)
    How would you compare this workout to others?

    It's not a workout! It's fun! It's a great way to get fit and enjoy yourself... I'm not one for going to the gym.. it's boring and reptitive. Zumba is a challenge, but if you love to have a boogie on the dance floor (and who doesn't!) then you will enjoy it.
    At school on Friday I went to put on a DVD (educational of course!) and I had to take my Zumba DVD out of my computer. One of the kids saw it and asked if the whole grade could do it lol! She was dead serious too- she had seen the ads on tv and said she really, really wanted to do it. Unfortunately it didn't fit into my schedule (or curriculum as I'm not in charge of PE this year... maybe next year !)

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    Default Week 4 Questions- Half way point!!!

    Can you ask if you can get the class to do it once a week as a treat? It'd be a great way to sneakily get a Rush workout in!


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