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    Default Re: How do Brisbane public hospitals work ??

    Thanks mybelly, I thought I was going nuts cos I live 18km south of the mater and was accepted. My suburb is on that list

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    Mater have become very strict on their public catchment area, like PP have said you are outside of it, I personally wouldn't even bother sending a referral, it would be a waste of your time. If you were to be high risk anything other than cardiac (and in that I'm referring to cardiac issues for the baby) you again would be referred to the royal, both are tertiary hospitals and unless its a specific service required such as cardiac it would all be handled at the royal just the same, I'm not sure you get a choice going public. Hopefully this is not an issue anyway. What I would be doing is getting an application into the birth centre ASAP if that's the way you want to go, it is highly sought after and they allocate the positions there by way of ballot if there are too many women applying which from memory is done around 16 weeks. I found this online when I was researching hospitals myself but don't have the link, a quick google should tell you.

    Goodluck I would love to birth at the birth centre but I'm out of that catchment area, it's a sad world where our birth choices are so limited to where you live in a huge city like this!


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