We have had our kids at a child care centre 1 day a week for the past 9 months and I have such mixed feelings about it. One day my kids come home and seem to of had a fantastic day but the next week they seem unhappy and I don't really feel like they get much attention, the carers don't seem to know them and my kids are so quiet there which is not really how they are naturally. The teachers seem far more concerned with making the room tidy and decorating it with a new theme each week than looking after the kids!

Ive been reluctant move them because it took so long for them to settle and they have made some nice friends but I'm becoming increasingly unhappy with what I'm seeing and hearing from them.

I'm starting to look for a new centre or even at trying family day care. Can anyone recommend a good centre or family daycare the southern end of the gold coast?

Thanks for any advice/recommendations