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    Default Toilet training regression

    My ds1 was doing so well with TT. He'd have maybe 1 accident a day sometimes none.

    Yesterday and today he has weed thru every pair of pants he's worn. He won't tell me wen he needs to go, and whilst he isn't refusing to sit on the loo, he will wee 1 tiny drop, and then 10 min later will saturate his pants.

    We are asking him every 10-20 min if he needs to go but he says no.

    Is this regression normal for boys? He will be 3 in january.

    Pls tell me this will pass!


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    Yes it will pass!
    They all go through stages of regression, wether they are too busy playing or with onset of sickness (colds always makes DS1 wet himself a little and he's 3.5yrs old).
    Instead of asking him if he needs to go put it back on him and say 'If you need to go to the toilet tell me / you know where it is.'
    When I was toilet training DS1 he was up to the same stage as yours with the one accident a day however it was only because I was encouraging him to go to the toilet frequently and therefore controlling him. When I stopped making him go when I thought he needed to go and switched to telling him to tell me when he needed to go the progress was far better. The first two days he wet his pants a lot but I insisted with him that he was a big boy and in control of his own body and that if he didn't want to wet his pants he'd have to go to the toilet. After the first two days he got it and the only accidents for the next month was outside when he was too busy to come inside.
    In the end he will get there in his own time. No stress at his age and regression is completly normal. Good luck.

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    Default Re: Toilet training regression

    I thought my DD was regressing when I had DD2, it turned out she had an infection (no other symptoms) so my advice is to get a urine test just to be sure.

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