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    Default The birth of Sebastian Isaac- Pre Eclampsia/ HELLP Syndrome Part 1

    I was diagnosed with Pre-eclampsia at 32 weeks gestation and was in and
    out of hospital in the lead up to Sebastian's birth. I had a
    wonderful team of midwives and Obstetrician's taking care of me
    although many of them seemed fascinated by my bodies ability to
    retain so much fluid.

    At 35 weeks I was sitting at home when I suddenly had large flashing light in my eyes and my upper abdomen began to have huge stabbing pains in it. I got out my BP monitor and did a BP check only to see that my BP was
    170/140 , My DP rushed me to the car whilst trying to carry our 3 yr
    old into the car and get her strapped in her seat. We dropped my
    little girl off at my brothers place and made our way to the

    We arrived at hospital at 10 pm and were taking straight up to the birth suite. Once we got up there they gave me a shot of morphine into my tummy and hooked me up to the CTG to monitor to check how the baby was doing. Once hooking me up to check on bub they checked my BP.

    It came
    in at 185/140, they became very concerned and called the obstetrician
    to come in immediately. I felt so out of it due to the morphine but
    was still concerned that they would tell me to have a c section
    straight away. ( I was desperate to have a vaginal birth). When the
    Obstetrician arrived they checked all of my obs and said that I
    needed the red tablet ( will call it the red tablet as I have no idea
    what it is actually called) They gave it to me and he said that he
    would be back in an hour after he had discussed the case with the
    senior obstetrician.

    The red tablet
    managed to get my BP down to 160/110. I was still in the birth suite
    at this stage. The obstetrician came back at 1 am and said that they
    were going to put to bed in the maternity ward and induce me first
    thing in the morning as they knew how much I wanted a vaginal birth.
    I was so relieved at this news. So I was taken down to the ward.

    At 7am I was
    visited once again but this time it was a different OB. He said that
    they were going to keep me in and try to get me to 37 Weeks
    Gestation. I questioned the safety of bub and the risk of not
    inducing me there and then. I was told that it is a very fine line
    when dealing with Pre Pre-eclamptic women. The obstetrician left the
    room and I had a massive breakdown. A lovely student midwife came to
    my bed and comforted me ( she was so sweet) while I sobbed for a good
    hour. I was so sad and felt awe full ad nervous that something was
    going to happen to bub. Once I had pulled myself together I called
    hubby who had gone home to get some sleep and told him that I had to
    stay in hospital until I delivered bubba.

    Over the next 2 weeks I was in and out of hospital at 36 +5 things took a turn for the worse.

    Wednesday –
    36+5 WEEKS

    I woke up
    feeling very unwell. The midwife came in to give me my morning dose
    of BP medication and to do my observations she got a panicked look on
    her face. I said to her oh don't stress my BP has been that high for
    a couple of weeks. She said to me oh honey its way to high and I have
    to call the ob. I asked her what it was and she said 190/150. She
    asked me how I felt and I said I had a headache and was trying not to
    move around to much as it made me see black spots in my eyes.

    She rushed out
    of the room. Within 5 minutes the obstetrician was in the room and
    the midwife was hooking me up to a CTG to see how bub was. He was
    still doing very well I was not though. The Obstetrician said the
    time for induction had come, but the birth suite was very busy so he
    would induce me at 7pm the night . They gave me another red tablet to
    bring down my BP and gave me pain relief so I could rest. I was so
    happy to know that it would not be much longer till I would be
    meeting my bubba. The day went smoothly with my BP still being high
    but controlled by the meds. 7Pm came and went as they were way to
    busy to induce me .

    Wednesday/Thursday night

    Things were
    ready to begin. They took me up to the birth suite for the first
    internal and gel to be put in if needed. I asked to have gas whilst
    they did the internal as I have a posterior cervix and internal are
    very painful for me. So the Ob began the internal and attempted to
    reach my cervix with no luck. She then said she wanted my legs up in
    the stirrups so she could get better access. She then managed to get
    to my cervix ad it was still long and closed tight, she put the gel
    in at the same time. It was very painful, I won't lie I screamed and
    began crying and shaking. Hubby was not there with me as I wanted him
    to get as much rest as possible first. I was then hooked up to a CTG
    to be monitored for ½ an hour and then put back down in my room on
    the ward to get lots of rest. I was due to go back for more gel at 6


    I had a solid
    sleep of 4 hours as it took me a while to get into bed and at 6 am
    thought I would be going back up. It was not to be . At 3pm I was
    take back up for a 2nd lot of gel. They got me straight up
    in the stirrups and I had the gas again. The did the internal and
    said my cervix was softer but not open so they would need to do a 2nd
    lot of gel. He inserted it and I was once again hooked up to a CTG.
    Bubba was still doing really well and was very active moving from the
    right and left side of my belly.

    I went back to
    the ward to rest and was told that I had to be careful to not be to
    active as my blood pressure was still very high 170/130 and I had to
    be careful to not elevate it any higher. When I got back to the ward
    I had dinner and during dinner I started to get period type cramping
    and tried to distract myself by having a warm shower. I stood in
    there for over an hour. Once out I stood beside my bed and rocked my
    hips in a circular motion trying to get bubba to move down and my
    cervix to begin to dilate. I continued to have these pains and
    thought that something may be happening. At 9 pm I went back to have
    another internal and more gel inserted if necessary done.


    It was for my 3
    rd lot of gel. I was taken back up to the birth suite to see if I had
    progressed at all. I was put up into the stirrups and given the gas
    to suck on. The obstetrician did the internal and said that I was
    still high and closed. It was such a devastating blow for me and I
    began to sob, I felt like my body was failing me in not doing what I
    thought it should know how to do given that this was my second baby.
    The Ob put 3rd lot of gel in and then the middy got me
    hooked back up to the CTG. Bubba was still doing really well. I
    however was feeling so deflated. After the CTG I was sent back down
    to the ward to wait until 6 am Friday morning to give me the best
    chance of my cervix dilating. Through the induction process I was
    having observations done every hour as my BP was all over the place.
    It made it very hard to get into my own head space and concentrate
    but it was a necessary evil due to my Pre Pre-eclampsia.

    6am FRIDAY 7th
    September 2012- 37 Weeks

    I had managed
    to get some sleep over night , but felt as though my body had made no
    progress at all. I headed back up to the birth suite to have my 4th
    internal. When I arrived my favourite Ob was there Karen, She
    explained that this was make or break time and if she could not break
    my waters then she would be sending me for a c section as she was not
    happy for the pregnancy to continue and that I was now considered
    full term so it was beter for bubba to be out so that they could get
    me well.

    She said that
    she would be going for broke and that it may be intense but to suck
    back on that gas and think of something else. She inserted her hand
    and far out it hurt, but I tried so hard to stay calm and breathe
    through the pain. She tried for a good 10 minutes but exclaimed that
    nothing had happened since my last insertion of gel and that she was
    going to book me for a C section. She explained to me that my cervix
    needed to be open like a burger ring but was still like a cheesel and
    that it prevented her from breaking my waters. I by this stage was
    very tired and dizzy and my BP was sitting at 200/150 and not going
    down regardless of how many different medications they tried.

    So it was off
    to theatre for me at 1pm

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    Sebastian Isaac - Part 2

    1pm Friday 7th
    September 2012

    So my DH arrived at the
    hospital at 10 am and waited with me back in the maternity ward. In
    the time between my last internal and 1pm I had a shower with a
    special antiseptic wash and was also hooked up to a bag of fluid's as
    I was not allowed to eat due to going in for my c section. I was
    feeling very nervous about the surgery but was very excited to
    finally meet our little man.

    I was dressed in my blue
    hospital gown and the made to put a hospital dressing gown over the
    top of that. Let me tell you they are made for very tiny people,
    which I am not it looked like I had borrowed a midgets clothes it was
    so small. I was walked downstairs to the pre admission ward which
    felt like a bloody morgue and I have a feeling that we were not to
    far from the hospital one.

    I was laid down on a thertre
    bed on a special mat that allowed them to lift me easier. I was then
    taken to the theatre, on the way there hubby was given a set of
    scrubs to put on so that he could be present during the procedure. I
    was also given a special drink to help with reflux during the

    At 1.30pm we met with the
    anaesthetist and he said he was unhappy with my cannula position and
    that he wanted to move it. After 20 minutes and using a portable
    ultrasound machine to find a vein he said to me that no other vein's
    were viable any more and that that one would have to do. I was taken
    through to the operating theatre where they made me sit on the very
    edge of the bed. I was hooked up to a Blood pressure monitor and the
    anaesthetist prepared me for my epidural procedure. I was made to
    lean all the way forward so that my spine would curve .I was giving a
    pillow to hold across my belly and to tuck under each armpit. He then
    used a local anaesthetic in 3 places in my back to numb the epidural

    He began to pass the
    epidural needle into my spine and I could feel it grinding along the
    bones in my spine. It was so painful. He attempted 14 times to gain
    access in 8 different spaces in my back. He then said that he was
    going to call in another anaesthetist to see if he could gain access.
    By this stage it was 2.30pm and was feeling very dizzy and my back
    was so sore. The other anaesthetist arrived and said he was going to
    try a spinal and was only willing to give it a couple of goes. I was
    given 5 more locals to numb me again. He managed to get it on the 4th
    attempt and said to me that that was good because he was about to
    recommend a general for me.

    I felt the spinal start to
    work after about 10 minutes. At 3.20pm I was laying back on the
    theatre table ad they were strapping my belly up to allow them access
    to the caesarian site. A large blue curtain was put up just under my
    boobs so that we could not see and then Daniel (anaesthetist) put my
    arms out either side of me. My BP and blood oxygen level was being
    constantly monitored . He then did the ice test to make sure I was
    numb. It was the strangest feeling. I have never felt anything like

    Then I began to feel lots of
    tugging and pulling sensations and lots of pressure over my body. It
    was such a strange sensation. Next thing I see my Obstetrician
    holding up this screaming little baby boy and I had such a huge smile
    on my face and was crying with so much joy. At this point things took
    a turn for the worse.

    I remember feeling very
    light headed and then I heard lots of machines beeping loudly and
    Daniel saying FIONA , FIONA can you hear me. It was as if I was
    unable to speak. Then I felt my heartbeat get slower and slower and
    my head felt so empty. Like there was no more thoughts. I then
    blacked out. I remember nothing from this point onwards until

    So I sit here today
    breastfeeding my little baby boy Sebastian I think of all my
    wonderful family and friends and those amazing medical staff who got
    me to this point where I am able to raise my children due to there
    quick thinking and love and support. Also to my wonderful bub hub
    mummies group who I count as my group of guardian angels. Thank you
    to all. Oh and as to what happened after I blacked out. Lets just say
    I beleave there is something waiting for us on the other side , I'm
    just willing to wait to experience it.

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    Default The birth of Sebastian Isaac- Pre Eclampsia/ HELLP Syndrome Part 1

    Congrats on the birth of Sebastian

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    Default The birth of Sebastian Isaac- Pre Eclampsia/ HELLP Syndrome Part 1

    That's a scary story. Glad your ok and bubba is safe xxx

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    Default Re: The birth of Sebastian Isaac- Pre Eclampsia/ HELLP Syndrome Part 1

    What a rough and scary time you have had! Glad you and bubba are ok after all that. Congratulations on the birth of your very special little boy

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    Default The birth of Sebastian Isaac- Pre Eclampsia/ HELLP Syndrome Part 1

    Oh my god what a story!

    Gave me goosebumps and tears.

    Glad to hear all is well now & enjoy those baby snuggles

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    Default The birth of Sebastian Isaac- Pre Eclampsia/ HELLP Syndrome Part 1

    I got teary reading your story, I am constantly in awe of women and what they go through to get little ones here. Congrats on your lovely bub xxxx

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    I'm very thankfull to have him here. I have recovered well. He is now 10 weeks old and has finally hit the 4kg mark and is in 4 0000 clothes now which is so exciting.

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    Default The birth of Sebastian Isaac- Pre Eclampsia/ HELLP Syndrome Part 1

    Thank you for sharing your story, what an experience you went through a lot but glad you and bub are all ok and doing fine


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