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    Default Going private through Canberra Hospital

    I'm with my private obstetrician (but she's not taking and new patients) and I have to go through Canberra public because I'm high risk (high blood pressure). I've had to stay a few nights in the delivery suite in the last few weeks and I've found them nice, they always call my ob anyhow.

    I wish I didn't have to go through the public hospital but knowing I have my own dr is good. I had to stay last week for a night and I found the two residents lovely drs.

    Yunis huda is meant to be a great ob, I almost went with here. I've heard Susie close and Ohmar Gailani are great too. Susie Close only takes high risk. You have to book in with all of them super fast though.

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    I was a public patient through Canberra hospital with DS (he was born late Oct last year). We were in the new building - there was no lack of beds when we arrived in the labour ward and we were the only people in the post labour ward a few hours later.

    I have nothing but praise for the midwives and registrars. They all did a fantastic job! I had a reasonably straight forward delivery (bub got stuck, pushed for two hours, had a 2nd degree episiotomy) and was back at home 15 hours after giving birth. I'm not a hospital person...I loved being able to go home

    I've noticed over the years that the stories people tend to be the most vocal in telling are the bad ones. When good experiences happen people are far less likely to mention it. Its just taken for granted.

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    Thank you ladies, I feel so unprepared. Reading between the lines I'm realising a few things; a private patient can go through the public system (I did know that but this has solidifed it for me), if you are deemed high risk you go through the public system (so does this mean private hospitals only take low to mod risk?), and yes I agree people usually only talk about bad experiences so its good to hear some positive feedback about the new hospital. May I ask, are there private rooms available or is this a dream I should forget about?

    Thanks so much for your comments. Its my first so I'm a bit new to this all!


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