Are you noticing any changes in your body? – toning up, change in body shape, loss of weight? While my scales have not been giving me good feedback, I do feel stronger and a bit tighter. A few people have commented that I look like I have lost weight, which seems to be mainly obvious on my waist and my saddle bags. I think that I can see it in my face a bit too. My husband also said my bum and legs are changing.

Have you noticed positive changes in your mood and/or energy levels?
I have noticed that I have more energy (which seems to manifest itself in me running around after DD and being generally loud).

I have noticed feeling a bit more positive about things, and perhaps my concentration is a bit better than it had been. Maybe the cobwebs have been blown out.

How would you compare this workout to others?

Well, this one takes the work out of work out. It is definitely more fun than other work outs I have done. Bopping along with Beto sure beats lining up for a weights machine in a gym or vying for a treadmill.