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    Default Really bad labour last time? will this one be worse?

    I was told by lots of people like friends and family that your births become easier but mine seem to get worse, my 3rd was so traumatic i was in horrendous pain which the midwifes said was due to bub being back to back, I went into hospital at approx. 3am and was put straight on gas and air at 3cm dilated and it just got worse and worse i was contracting as though i was 8cm but didn't start to dilate any more until about 9pm i finally gave birth at 6.30am the next day. You know whats is like after the birth too everyone asks you how it went but it was so horrible i couldn't talk about it and just cried saying it was horrendous. I never thought about an epidural at the time and I didn't get offered one. But now I am having baby number 4 which came as a total and complete shock and one of my first scares is that of the birth, I have said to the midwife I want a water birth hoping this might help.

    What do you think? has anyone else experienced this or know anyone that has experienced it?

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    Default Re: Really bad labour last time? will this one be worse?

    Both of my labours where natural, no dramas, both about 13 hours but my second was by far worse! It was so much harder and more painful. Bub2 was 4.3 kg which didn't help. DD was 3.7. My first thought with this one was nooooo I can't do that again! I am doing a Calmbirth course so hopefully that will help . I totally lost it with the second labour, and was abusing the midwives telling them they all lied to me! This is not easier!
    Also, I had a waterbirth with my first, failed waterbirth for second and will again be trying for waterbirth with this one. Highly recommended!
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