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    Default Cutting down salt.

    I've decided my kids eat way to much salt.
    They eat healthy but I think their salt intake is too much. Especially DD who is only 21mths.
    I've started reading the labels and cannot believe the amount of salt per 100g.
    Any ideas for brands or replacements?
    Cheese. They ALLL are obsessed and could eat it all day.
    Cruskits. 608 per 100grm!
    I buy country life organic rye bread, again high in salt.
    Anyone else wanting to cut down?
    DD is allergic to wheat and eggs.
    DS1 is allergic to dairy, eggs and nuts.

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    Default Cutting down salt.

    It's hard isn't it! Cheese unfortunately needs salt for preservation so the best ones to get are the freshest, white cheeses like ricotta, bochinchini etc but they still have salt in them

    Plain rice cakes are a good alternative to crackers, we use mountain bread which still has salt but you use less of it than bread , I make my own stock , sauces and pizza dough so I know exactly how much salt (if any) I put in , anything in a packet is out And if DS does have a big cheese day or we go out for dinner I just make sure the next day is a no/low salt day to try break it up! Also read your labels as I buy organic 100% peanut butter which has 2mg salt and I was looking at my SIL jar of Kraft peanut butter and the salt intake was something like 600mg!!
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