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    Default 5 weeks 3 days Pregnant

    Hi! I am pregnant and freaking out that something is wrong. Been a bit dizzy a few times but that is it...I am so scared that I am losing the baby again.
    Last time I lost baby after a surprise scan at my doctors and there was no heartbeat at 10 weeks. The baby had died at 9 weeks.
    What was your experience this early? Any symptoms at all? I did a blood test today but wont find out until tomorrow if it the levels are good.
    Anyone want to share their experience or if you felt the same way????
    This wait is killing me

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    I had two miscarriages before my son that was about 6 years before when i was quite young unplanned and different partner one was a missed miscarriage and found at the 12wk scan my baby had died at 6wks and when i got pregnant with my son i was so worried it would happen again as i didnt have that many symptoms but i went for regular blood test for first few weeks to put my mind at ease then a scan at 6wks and then 12 wks then once i reached that point i relaxed more and had a healthy pregnancy that was 2 years ago then i just got pregnant a few months ago but sadly miscarried a few weeks ago at 7wks i guess there is no point stresssing because we really have no control over it i know that the babies i lost must not have been healthy to begin with and im happy it happened sooner in the pregnancy rather then later. Im sure your pregnancy will be just fine good luck and try to relax and think positive.


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