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    Default Help! Ways to induce for VBAC!

    Hi all.

    I know it's early on but anyway...

    I'm 25 weeks pregnant. I'm in the "high risk" category at my hospital and have to see a Dr and a professor every 2 weeks. I had pre-eclampsia with my DD which developed around 34 weeks. I'm on clexane, aspirin and megafol.

    So far, my blood pressure has been fine. I had a low-lying placenta but that has since moved up and is more than 7cm away from cervix.

    Anyway... I've been told that they won't let me go to my due date, and will induce me at 38-39 weeks depending on bub. They said as I've had a previous c-section the only way to induce me is with a balloon catheter. Can't use gels or drips or anything else.

    Now, I'm adamant I want a vbac. I definitely do not want another c-section. I saw the Dr today, and I asked her if she had any rough idea when I'd be induced. She said... "oh we'll just book in a date for your c-section, and if you go into labour spontaneously beforehand then you can try VBAC!"

    I replied saying I didn't want a c-section and I'd rather be induced if need be, but she said the balloon catheter only works if the baby is down, cervix is ripe etc etc.

    Now what can I do?! I do not want to even book in for a c-sect!!!

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    Default Help! Ways to induce for VBAC!

    I went 15 days over with my VBAC my doula told be to give my husband head and swallow to induce labour, it defiantly worked! (sorry if that is tmi) google can give more info as to why it works. Good luck and stand your ground to get your VBAC!


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