Our DD was kind of a surprise. A spur of the moment thing - unprotected sex once and bam. Pregnant.

This time around, kind of the same thing, one night of unprotected in my fertile period (as i had been tracking - we actually werent going to be officially trying until December - hence just the one time unprotected. But decided in the heat of the moment to just do it)

Anyway, Im now 8DPO and feel like im having some familiar symptoms from last time. But im not sure if im just imagining them. I know the egg would have only just implanted (if we did in fact conceive) but im noticing my sense of smell is more more sensitive - my big symptom with DD. I am gagging over some things.

Today i had some light pink spotting, so im hoping its implantation

These next few days will be hell waiting. I really feel for the ladies who do this month after month. Id go crazy.

Baby dust to all xx