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    Default Week 2 and 3 Questions

    Week 2 & 3 Questions and Answers
    Hi hubbers,
    What a journey so far! I’ve been doing my best and that’s all I expect of myself..
    In a nutshell…I’ve learnt a new way to burp a baby! Hold itwhile doing the “step –by - Step” Zumbaclass! Yes my little mate sat andwatched in awe for about 20 minutes when he decided he’s like to join me. So uphe comes into my arms. After 3-5 minutesof Zumba moves, he starts burping like a champ! Considering I have a very “windy”baby, I loved learning this new technique!!!
    Now to the week 2 & 3 Questions!!
    WEEK 2
    Q1. Have you noticed that certain muscles are sorebecause they’ve been getting a workout?

    Yes I’venoticed my back and my calf muscles to be the sorest part of my body. I domentally try and “tighten” my stomach muscles while doing a work out, so thismay contribute to the sore muscles in my back..??? I’m not entirely sure.

    Q2. How is the Zumba workout different from otherworkouts you usually do?

    It’s vibrant and the “moves” regularly change tokeep you from getting bored. Actually I’deven say the moves change so regularly that I might just be getting the hang ofone move, then they move onto the nextthing!! At the moment also, the onlyother workout I usually do is walking, so this is a lot more physical andactive, and get my heart rate pumping a lot faster than a brisk walk does.

    Q3. What time of day have you found yourselfpopping in the Exhilarate DVDs and doing the workout?

    I usually aim for around 8am, as this is the bestsleep of the day my little mate has. It’salso done for the day and anything I do on top of a Zumba class is an addedbonus!

    Q4. What do you think about the choreography? Areyou finding the routines easy to follow?

    The Zumba instructors are very good at thechoreography. I on the other hand struggle to keep up! Yes the choreography has been well thoughtout to make sure every muscle is moving in your body, hence why I am stuffed atthe end of it! The routines at the moment I wouldn’t say are “easy” tofollow. I am very un co ordinated though,so maybe it’s just taking me a while longer to learn. I do just get the hang of a move, then theymove onto the next move!!! Lol. Once I’vehad more experience, I’ll be able to keep up!

    Q5. Have you noticed a change in your emotions? Doyou have more energy?

    Honestly….I’ve just been diagnosed with PND (postnatal depression) so my emotions are rather raw at the moment. I think if I wasn’t doing any exercise, I’dbe a lot worse off right now. Zumba is the one thing (amongst caring for my babyand other kids) I am trying to keep regular. Energy…hmmmm Yes maybe I do havemore energy. I know some mornings I feel like “oh do I have to do Zumba today”???and I really can’t be bothered. But one I pop the DVD into the player, and I start,I feel much better for doing so.

    WEEK 3

    Q1. Have anyof your children, other family members and/or friends been joining in with youwhen you’re practicing the Zumba DVDs?

    As I mentioned earlier in this post, My baby hasjoined in on a few occasions and it actually helps him to burp!!! Other than that, My 15 yr old DD and I havedone 2 “step – by – step” classes together as each Monday is “our” daytogether, so we’ve had a laugh doing that together!!

    Q2. Do youfeel like your establishing a routine with the Zumba DVDs?

    Yes slowly but surely I am. I have not done itevery day, I more try and aim at Monday to Friday and have the weekends free. I have missed about 2 days each week so far,mainly from being very tired coz I’ve been up and down all night with the babyor the baby isn’t sleeping long enough for me to get through an entire routine.

    Q3. Howoften a week do you use them?

    My aim is 5 days, but in reality it’s around 3days.

    Q4. Did youuse the Weekly Workout Planner in the Programme Guide that came with the DVDs(Beginner’s Plan/Super-Sculpting Plan/Tight on Time Plan) – or are youestablishing your own?

    No I haven’t used the Weekly Workout Planneryet. I’m still trying to get the hang ofthe moves and so far have only used the “step – by Step” and “Exhilarate” DVD’s.Once I feel more confident, I will probably go with the “Tight on Time” Plan.

    I hope everyone is having a great time. MY SCLAES BROKE So i have not been able to weigh myself for 2 weeks!!! Maybe its meant to be that way .
    I'll just go by how my clothes are feeling when it comes to weight for now. I'll have to buy new scales soon though!

    Take care hubbers

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    I knew that there was an exercise called a burpie, but it sounds like you have take it to a new level.

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    Default Week 2 and 3 Questions

    So glad to hear from you! Well done for persevering with your workouts even when you don't feel like it. The fun and energy of Zumba can't help but lift your spirits.


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