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    Default Week 4: Checking in and I LOVE MIX!

    Start weight: 155.3
    Previous weight: 150.0
    Current Weight: 149.7
    Current BMI: 42.3
    Hips: 148cm
    Waist: 120cm
    Chest: 129cm
    Arm (L): 44cm
    Thigh (L): 78cm
    Start cms: 545cm
    Previous cms: 523cm
    Total cms: 519cm

    So it appears that my body has figured out what i am up to, lol. Only 300g loss and 4cm gone this week BUT i am now under 150kg!

    Plus i also suspect that my weight loss this week has been a bit better than shown as given the current day in my cycle i am likely holding onto at least 1.5-2.5kg water. Always happens at this point in the month. So hopefully i should show an even bigger loss next week.

    Tonight for something different i did the Mix DVD and i absolutely loved it! My new favourite by far! I feel so much more at home and coordinated doing Hip-Hop, warrior and Belly dancing tracks than i do Salsa. Consequently i can just throw myself full throttle into the movements and use more energy, burn more calories.

    I just love that so many dance styles are covered in the one workout and i am super excited to learn the actual Flamenco "bull-fight" dance moves! I have always thought that it is such a powerful, sexy dance (although it does remind me of the movie Strictly Ballroom, lol)

    Fingers crossed DS has a nice long sleep tomorrow coz i cant wait to do Mix again! I also love that, like Exhilarate but unlike Activate and Rush, there is a cool-down track included at the end. Having had sports injuries in the past from not cooling down and stretching properly i am a big advocate of doing one every time i exercise.

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    I had fun doing mix too. Some of the steps in (I think) the african dance reminded me of something me and my friends used to do. If you note my user name, that is a nod to my misspent youth watching too many episodes of the Young Ones, and here from about the 1 minute mark, you will see the kind of steps I mean. It was very hard not to laugh thinking about it while I was working out.

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    Default Week 4: Checking in and I LOVE MIX!

    I wasn't a huge fan of Mix! I found it awkward doing the moves and thought the tracks were a bit too short so by the time I got it, we were moving on. That being said, some of my favourite songs were on there and I do want to give it another go soon.

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    Default Week 4: Checking in and I LOVE MIX!

    Love Mix! It's great! Yay for being under 150kg! Those little triumphs make it worth it!


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