Hi all,

I am going OK for now but curious to know if anyone has had a similar experience?

I am 41 weeks pregnant tomorrow with a doctor's appointment on Friday and then induction on Saturday with the doctor's OK.

On Monday night my plug started coming out, it was unmistakable- and contractions kicked off. I stayed at home for about 5 hours and then decided to go to the hospital due to the pain increasing and because this is my second baby so I didn't want to leave it until the last minute just in case. The contractions were semi-regular, every 5 minutes, about 40 seconds long. However once I got to the hospital the contractions seemed to be a bit all over the place. The midwife said I was 4cm dialated but was only opening up towards the back of the cervix. All my pain so far has been in my back but he's not prosterior at last check. She also said that my cervix was still very thick which is unusual for it to be that thick and be 4cm dialated. I stayed in hospital for a while then they said I could go home and see what happens. Over the 5 hours that I was at the hospital there was no change in dialation and the cervix was still thick. I was still getting contractions when I went home but they were all over the place.

So I eventually went home and somehow managed to get some sleep as I was exhausted. So since then contractions have virtually disappeared though if I sit back or move around in the wrong way it triggers off these stupid back contractions again- which I get the feeling aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing.

This is my second baby but it has been nearly 6 years since my first baby. So what now? Still at home with random contractions every now and then and a lot of pressure on my bottom/pelvis when I stand up or lie back in a chair. Waters haven't broken yet to the best of my knowledge. In a way it is good to have this break- I am hoping that when labour kicks off again it won't be too long because I am 4cm dialated already but I guess you never really know until it happens.

Thanks for reading