I bought a Clearblue Fertility Monitor earlier this year. The first cycle I used it (also the first cycle we were TTC), it gave me four days of high readings before the peak, and we conceived. I was pretty stoked with that little machine and its expensive sticks!

Unfortunately we M/C in August, so are back TTC again. The first cycle I resumed using it (2nd cycle after the M/C), it gave me six high readings before a peak. Again, yay! The next cycle, it only gave me 2 high readings before a peak. (Okay, still good to have some warning, but I'd prefer a couple more days). Now this cycle it has jumped straight from low to peak - not a single high. (So much for giving me advance warning of impending ovulation!)

Fortunately, being the control freak that I am I also have BBT charting and OPKs running alongside, so I knew that O was approaching and we got in plenty of BD action. But I'm annoyed that my expensive little machine gave me less information than the much cheaper other methods I also use!

So, I was wondering if any of you ladies have experienced similar issues and can shed light on why it might be giving increasingly unhelpful results? One variable that has changed since the M/C is that I've started using naturopathic supplements and having acupuncture - is there a chance that these could affect it?

I've got a few sticks left, so am considering resetting the machine and seeing if starting from scratch improves the result next cycle. Otherwise, I'm tempted to throw it in the cupboard and just stick to my internet cheapie OPKs in future!