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    Default eczema treatment

    DS has pretty awful eczema, he scratches till it bleeds.

    We are currently doing two weeks on, two weeks off with advantan fatty ointment (cortisone based). It's very well controlled while he is on the ointment but when he's off it's awful. I don't want to continue using cortisone long term.

    We had him allergy tested (no allergies) but as we know tomatoes aggravate it we just tried a low salycilate and amine diet. We weren't super strict but his eczema was worse than ever.

    Going to try dairy and gluten free diet next. We have also started probiotics and giving him claryntyne to help with the itchiness.

    We have tried coconut oil, moo goo, etc. My mum just sent me deri-sal which she says works for her. We use an emulsifying ointment from the chemist to moisturise twice a day and have dropped his beloved bath to every third night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Emma1234 View Post
    hes not losing weight. he is 98th percentile.
    The pedi said it was starting to get staph and gave him antibiotics which he spat out despite trying several different ways of administering. I tried calling her but they just wanted me to wait weeks for another appt. so went back to gp who didnt think it was infected. im going to book in with another dr.

    Is 1% ok to use on the face? also do I use it on his whole body?

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    Yes it's fine to use on the face, I use it anywhere there is an outbreak or dry, red patch starting. Once it has cleared you stop using.

    I really feel for you, if he is getting staph then I wouldn't hesitate in another dr. Today bath in QV, pat dry, use cortisone first and then cover in sorbolene.

    If it is weepy and crusted it is infected. This was our information from our paediatrican who is an allergist and also our gp.

    When you go to a new dr ask about zyrtec and stronger creams.

    it's horrible.

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    DD2 gets it but not as bad as some here. She gets it mainly on her torso and scratches til she bleeds. She also has it behind her ears, elbows & knees. We use calendula cream as first line defence, then if that doesn't help we use as little cortisone as we can (only when she can't sleep).

    She was already dairy free because she doesn't tolerate it, but we noticed it was much worse when she was eating lots of weetbix... so we cut out wheat (mostly) and hey presto it cleared up within a couple of days. Now she only gets it bad if she gets really hot (like if I overdress her at night) or if she has too much wheat (she can tolerate maybe 1-2 slices of bread a week)

    I have heard lots of mums on here swear by MooGoo, I'm going to try that when we use up the calendula cream I'm using atm.


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