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    Default Medication vs Natural Therapies

    DS 's behaviour has escalated and the school are strongly suggesting we try medication even thought the paed suggested psychology and review in 6 months. I have been doing research into natural therapies and have come across the GAPS diet. Is anyone using this diet?

    I know my son's behaviour is not right at the moment but I don't want to make a decision based on emotion or pressure from the school but I also don't want to be that blind parent that can't see that her son needs medication. It's all a really big deal and a hard decision to make.

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    i would trust the paed at this point.
    if he is recommending a review in 6 months then just do that.
    in the meantime there is nothing wrong with trying natural therapies, looking at diet, maybe upping probiotics etc.

    at the end of the day the school are not medical professionals; they can't recommend you put your child on medication. and if they can't 'handle' him then maybe they need to look at the teacher, getting funding for an assistant, or even cutting back on his hours of attendance.

    you are already being proactive by seeing the paed, looking at different therapies. if he needs medication at a later stage then i know you will do so. but don't feel pressured into it.


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