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    I don't think the hospital can do anything but like a pp suggested, it can't do any harm to go along and see what they say?

    How do you feel? I ask only because 4 weeks ago I cut all bread from my diet and omg, I feel so much better, full of energy and no longer feeling bloated and icky. Should have done it ages ago.

    I envy you your 11.00 am start to the day! DD has me up no later than 5am, 5.30 if i'm lucky
    Maybe start easing yourself into a new routine before bubs comes and getting up earlier so you can start the day with a breakfast? I too quite often don't feel like eating it but it makes such a difference to my day - maybe try porridge or a home made muesli? Today I had a yoghurt in half a rock melon and it was such a nice start to the day

    All the best

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    I agree with biscotti about the negative effect of skipping breakfast, particularly once you have a newborn.

    I have an 8wo and sometimes the morning gets away from me with feeding, and I miss breakfast. I find it makes me more tired, irritable, agitated and has a negative knock-on effect for my eating choices during the day.

    Whereas if I start the day with a bowl of oats, it helps balance me for the rest of the day.

    I think people are concerned, not because you don't want to go, but because you genuinely seem to believe that you wouldn't benefit from the advice from a dietician, which indicates you believe that you are making good food choices.

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    Quote Originally Posted by London View Post
    If you dont want to go, dont go. Hospital cant force you.
    Personally, I dont think it will do you any good anyway. You seem to be very set in your diet ways and keen to defend your habits regardless of any advice or information given that suggests change. Hope the rest of your pregnancy is uneventful and pleasant. Enjoy your sleep ins while you can
    I completely agree with this. You'll be wasting their time and yours seeing a professional.

    All I would suggest is that you do not encourage these habits in your child/ren. I am 41, have very little carbs or dairy in my diet and am vegetarian. I have perfect bone density and take no supplements apart from krill for minor joint issues from long distance (10km) running.

    You do not need to eat what you think you need to eat to be healthy.

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    Haven't you read of the hospitals that turn you away because of your weight?

    They refuse to let you birth there if you're high risk..and overweight is high risk.

    Your diet is full of too much of one thing and not enough of the other.

    I see one through my doctor...its bulk billed.
    You need to get rid of all of that bread and crap and start drinking water and exercising.


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