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    Default Has anyone had experience with the court system and child abuse cases?

    Not sure where to put this but I wonder if anyone has had any experience that they can help me with.

    I wont go into details but my nephew needs to testify in court against a teen. The parents of the teen dont believe he did anything but my nephew and his parents plus another child have been subpeoned to appear in court.

    He cant have his parents there when he testifys. Just the judge and the prosecutor who will cross examine him. Its in the Childrens Court so obviously they are experienced in these matters but I am he was supposed to appear today but has been told that he wont be testifying today...maybe tomorrow or Thursday but he still has to go to court and sit and wait just in case.

    Is this normal? Just seems really hard on a kid who is already traumatised that they have to sit and wait and wait and think and get more and more nervous. Is this just a way for the prosecutor to freak the kids and parents out before they testify?

    I would have thought they could have interviewed him and taken his evidence then use it in the case. Just seems a hard thing for an 8 year old to go through.

    If anyone has had some experience with the system your advise would be appreciated.

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    At 8 I believe he should have a court appointed advocate - the prosecutors would actually want him to be as comfortable as possible, not freaked out.

    I'd speak to the court house for guidance

    i was allowed to sit with the little people in my extended family while they were interviewed by the police and just before up to when they were interviewed by video.

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