Have any of your children, other family members and/or friends been joining in with you when you’re practicing the Zumba DVDs?

My 4yo daughter joins in almost every day. She totally loves it, which is great because she nags me to get up a shake it some days.

Do you feel like your establishing a routine with the Zumba DVDs?

In the last few days particularly I have found that Zumba is great in the mornings and I am finding myself consistently switching on the DVDs soon after I wake up. Generally I am not one for routine...ever. But morning Zumba leaves me feeling bright and sparkly, which is a great way to start the day!

How often a week do you use them?

At the moment I am doing 6 days a week. A couple of days I have done my morning, and then in the afternoon done Rush just to give me a boost.

Did you use the Weekly Workout Planner in the Programme Guide that came with the DVDs (Beginner’s Plan/Super-Sculpting Plan/Tight on Time Plan) – or are you establishing your own?

I've been playing to by ear, working with what I am comfortable at this stage. In the past I find committing to a routine hard, because I am exceptional hard on myself it a miss a session.

Now that I find myself comfortable with Zumba I am thinking of going back and trying on of these schedules. I feel I am fond enough that there is no risk of me giving up. And even if I did? So what. I can always Zumba another day, right?