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    Default Help...Has anyone else been in this situation?

    Hi Everyone

    Me and my long term partner have decided were ready to start a family of our own YAY!!!!!! The only problem is I was on The Horrid Depo Injection for a Year and it clearly messed up my body! Ive now been of the injection for 9 months and havent gotton my periods back! I know that its very common for periods to not return for a while if atall and that falling pregnant can take ages, while others can be lucky and get pregnant straight away. My question is.....Since coming of the Injection we obviously havent been using any protection due to wanting a family, and in the last few weeks ive been feeling a little different. The other day i had ate my lunch and sat down to watch some TV and all the sudden i came over in a hot sweat and dizzyness as i got up i threw up 3 times and had to go for a lay down, I had only had pasta so it wasnt from anything i had ate. Since then ive had continious nausea through out the days, Through out the day i might get some Twinges of pain on the right and left side of my lower stomach, Ive been getting Regular back ache ( I am a bigger woman but to have back ache constantly is not normal for me) I have had some dizzyness and Starry eyed occasionally. I used to love having a class of Coke every day but now the thought of it puts me off, Some foods i would enjoy eating dont tickle my fancy. Ive done a pregnancy test and it was negative but my friend reckons she could 'see something'

    I was just wondering if anyone could give me there experience of depo and pregnancys or shed some light on weather they think it could be pregnancy or not?

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    Default Help...Has anyone else been in this situation?

    Gosh Megan if it wasn't for that test being neg. I would assume you are pregnant based on your symptoms. Perhaps wait a few days and test again with an early first response test. It's possible your just too early for the test to work properly ??

    If symptoms continue and you still get no AF or pos preg. I would defiantly see your doctor to discuss what ur options are regarding TTC.

    Fx for for you. xx

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